Halloumi and Stone Fruit Jam Sandwich

Makes 1 Sandwich



6/9/20211 min read

Halloumi and Stone Fruit Jam Sandwich

Makes 1 Sandwich


  • halloumi about 3 slices, ~½ in thick

  • white bread 2 slices (try it with koulouri, a Cypriot sesame bread, but any good white loaf will do)

  • unsalted butter

  • Stone Fruit Jam 2 tbsp.


  1. Place a griddle pan on high heat, or preheat your grill to high. When it’s hot, griddle or grill your halloumi slices for a couple of minutes on the first side, then for 1 minute on the 2nd side. What you are looking for is a little color on the cheese, either good char marks or a golden edge, and a soft pliable texture.

  2. While the halloumi is grilling, place the bread in the toaster or under the grill and toast until lightly golden. Remove, butter one side of each slice and top with a good layer of Stone Fruit Jam. When the halloumi is ready, transfer it straight onto one slice of toast, top with the other, and give it a gentle press together. Cut in half and enjoy straightaway.