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We have 80 different preserves rotating all year round.  Be sure to catch our limited edition, small-batch, seasonal flavors!

We founded JP's Delights with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, smart, and reliable preserves.  Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future.  We know that every preserve counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible.  Check it out for yourself!

Since our first day in business, JP's Delights has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today!

Our delicious preserves make amazing, cherished gifts. You can self-select your contents from our 80+ options of preserves, marinades, ice cream toppings, & drink mixes or browse our curated collections. Happy shopping!

We’ve put together scrumptious sweet, savory, spicy, & alcohol-infused recipes for you and your family to enjoy using our favorite preserves, marinades, ice cream toppings, & drink mixes to make memorable meal adventures that everyone will love.

And while you wait for the timer to ding, you can read up on the latest fun, fruity facts and pass the time playing games like word searches and crossword puzzles.