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Enjoy a flavor adventure with our small-batch, quality handmade, farm-to-table preserves created from locally-sourced, fresh, seasonal, and unique organic ingredients.

JP's Delights is a trendsetting small business, offering our first-rate preserves and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.  We’re a local business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive & wherewithal to constantly update & improve our preserves and your experience.  We have become synonymous with quality, & we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic preserves along with unique limited edition and seasonal items.  Check us out and start shopping today.

Inspiring Adventure.  That's My Jam!

JP's Delights

We founded JP's Delights with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, smart, and reliable preserves.  Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future.  We know that every preserve counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible.  Check it out for yourself!

Since our first day in business, JP's Delights has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today!

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Mission Statement

Provide good food to good people. We employ women, minorities, and people with disabilities to create quality preserves. We source our seasonal ingredients locally to bring fresh, tropical, and unique delights, straight farm to table, small-batch goodness using our multicultural family recipes to your family. We cater to special needs including organic, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free.

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Vision Statement

Create a better world by employing fair economic and labor practices, promoting and incentivizing recycling, reusing, and reducing, and through donating 10% to charities making a healthier world around us.

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Purpose Statement

Helping and serving people by improving the quality of life for others, individuals, and society.

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Try Something New!
We have 80 different preserves rotating all year round.  Be sure to catch our limited edition, small-batch, seasonal flavors!

Let Your Taste Bud Adventure Begin...


Use the pulp of the fruit (seeds and skins), sugar, and pectin.  Jam is less firm than jelly.  Learn More »


A relish of Indian origin made of fruit, spices, herbs, sugar, and vinegar.  Learn More »


Northern Italian fruit sauce made by cooking fruit in its reduced juice, mixed with mustard powder, & sometimes white wine.  Learn More »


Whole fruit (or big pieces of fruit) cooked with sugar just long enough that the fruit still holds its shape.  Learn More »


Whole fruit stewed in sugar.  Learn More »


Typically less firm than jam and made from small, whole fruits or small chunks of fruit and sugar.  Learn More »


Use only the juice of the fruit and sugar. It sets up very firm.  Learn More »


Like jam, but includes the peel of fruits as well.  Most are made from the juice & peel of citrus fruits boiled with sugar & water.  Learn More »

Fruit Butters

Made from fruit pulp, sugar, & spices, but no pectin, & no actual butter. Fruit butters generally have the same consistency as a thick applesauce.  Learn More »


Fruits seasoned & cooked with honey or sugar till jam-like.  Learn More »


A type of jam eaten in Southern Africa made by boiling fruit(s), sugar, & adding a little ginger.  Learn More »

Fruit Spreads

Spread is a generic term for jellies, jams, and fruit butters.  Learn More »

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